SPORE Toolkit

SPORES Toolkit

The SPORES project introduces a pioneering toolkit designed to bridge the gap between the arts and technology, facilitating the creation of intermedial experiences. This toolkit serves as a comprehensive resource for artists, cultural operators, and institutions, enabling them to design, implement, and share innovative artistic performances that integrate digital elements. By offering guidance on incorporating technology into live performances, the toolkit aims to enhance audience engagement and accessibility, foster creativity in the digital arts, and promote the emergence of new forms of intermedia art across Europe.


The manifesto document of the SPORES project is a declaration of the project’s core values and aspirations. It articulates a bold vision for the fusion of arts and technology, advocating for a future where digital innovation and artistic creativity intersect to create immersive, intermedial experiences. This manifesto serves as a guiding light for the project, emphasizing the importance of accessibility, engagement, and the transformative power of integrating digital tools with live performances. It calls upon artists, cultural operators, and institutions to embrace this vision, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that nurtures innovation and expands the boundaries of traditional art forms.


The methodology documents for the SPORES project are meticulously crafted to guide participants through the innovative process of creating intermedial experiences. These documents provide a structured framework that blends theoretical principles with practical applications, ensuring that artistic creations not only leverage the latest in digital technology but also remain deeply rooted in cultural significance. They outline step-by-step procedures for integrating digital elements with traditional artistic expressions, facilitating a seamless blend that enhances the audience’s engagement and experience. Through this detailed methodology, SPORES aims to foster a new wave of artistic innovation, enabling artists and cultural operators to push the boundaries of creativity and digital integration in the arts.

Concept Notes

The concept notes within the SPORES project outline a visionary approach to integrating arts and technology, focusing on the development of intermedial experiences. These notes detail the methodology for merging digital and live performance elements, emphasizing innovation, audience engagement, and accessibility. The aim is to equip artists and cultural operators with the knowledge and tools necessary to explore new artistic frontiers, thereby enriching the European cultural landscape with fresh, digitally enhanced artistic expressions. Through these concept notes, SPORES sets the groundwork for a transformative journey in the arts sector, promising a future where technology and creativity converge in harmony.


The metaverse represents a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality, augmented reality (AR), and the internet. It’s envisioned as a user-inhabited digital universe, offering immersive experiences where people can meet, interact, work, and play. This concept extends beyond mere gaming or social media, aiming to create a vast, interconnected space that blends real-world and digital elements seamlessly, thereby redefining how we engage with digital content, social interactions, and even economic transactions in a virtual environment.

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Video documentation

The video of the experiments conducted as part of the SPORES project serves as a compelling visual documentation of the innovative intersection between arts and technology. It showcases the practical applications and outcomes of the methodologies developed, highlighting how digital tools and immersive technologies can enhance and transform traditional artistic performances. Through these visual narratives, viewers gain an in-depth understanding of the project’s ambition to create intermedial experiences, demonstrating the potential for art and technology to coalesce into new forms of expression that captivate and engage audiences in unprecedented ways.