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SPORES aims at providing vibrant examples of the transformative power of art,paving the way toward new ways of shaping creative proposals, by introducing and exploring the concept of intermedial experiences, at the crossroads of arts and digital technology. These intermedial experiences, called SPORES, will travel online and oine in Europe and beyond. From a biological standpoint, in the kingdom of plants and fungi, “spores” are cells that produce new individuals through germination. Among bacteria, “spores” are a vital phase that is essential to survival. In both cases, spores are able to disperse themselves into the environment to resist adverse conditions and, subsequently, generate (or regenerate) a vital being, in habitats that are more or less suitable for their life condition. In today’s context, SPORES is synonymous with regeneration, diversity, and dissemination thanks to a fertile encounter between arts and digital technologies.
The goal of SPORES is to invent, implement and disseminate new forms of intermedial art at European scale.


The notion of creativity has to do with the invention of something that was not before (“creating” is, rigorously, drawing from nothing), therefore it cannot be a simple repetition of the usual normal, but must constitute some deviation. Thanks to a wing shot, let’s say so, a certain share of disorder is produced. Not that the order is not necessary for life, however the emergency of the disorder is equally necessary to ensure that it does not remain imprisoned in the asphyxiated circle of the repetition of the always equal, even if satisfied by an ambiguous serenity. The vocation of modern art is creative in a disruptive sense, which in this way connects to a request for freedom, and consequently to an anarchist utopia; anarchy as an expression of equality, of an equal measure of all components. Now, this utopia can take it in charge in its own way of doing, by approximation or by anticipating figure. Thus, for example, the different arts can converge and enhance, actively participating, each in its own way, to encourage the senses, or even producing polysense and allegorical references. The anarchist-creative principle, then, can manifest itself in the overcoming of both the constraints of the

dramaturgical text and above all in the transition from a vertical structure to horizontal formal hypotheses where each “figure” is reworked and where the direction becomes pure interrementation, while still remaining upstream ( paradoxically) a project conscious of disorganization, disjunction and heterogeneity of the parties; Even more if the liberation from the defendant and pre -established genres intervenes, the experimentation of new technologies, the ironic deconstruction of excessively battleship identities. Among the different components put in the field, multimedia is not developed, but intermediability, that is, a relationship not given at the start, but to be verified even in possible interference. The show as a test. Precisely the freedom of adterination, in addition to arousing unpublished sensory reactions, urges reflection and therefore – while entrusting the momentary antero of suddenly, – however, in its complex representation, requires the use of intelligence and the reason for doubt.

Federica Altieri – presidente ass. cult. Appercezioni
Francesco Muzzioli

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