Project Work Packages

Project Work Packages

1) Manage SPORES (LEAD: Appercezioni)

Install a smooth and efficient organisational structure to ensure sound management, faithfully of the terms of reference of the project quality-wise, time-wise, budget-wise. Responsibilities are divided as per the key expertise of each partner.

2) Invent SPORES methodology (LEAD: Carraro Lab)

Partners from Denmark, Albania and Italy co-design an intermedial methodology that transforms artistic material into intermedial experiences. Such material undergoes several transformations (performative, linguistic, technological) based on each partner’s expertise.

3) Produce SPORES experiences (LEAD: Appercezioni)

Artists are invited to join the SPORES project by submitting their artistic proposals. They receive initial training based on the intermedial methodology in order to create four intermedial experiences thanks to the joint influence of the dialectics between arts, languages and technology.

4) Share/disseminate SPORES (LEAD: UPolis)

SPORES pushes the boundaries of audience experience where reality is not merely virtual, nor just augmented or mixed, but truly improved through immersive technologies and narratives. Cultural Institutes back the dissemination process by spreading the outputs in their European networks. By doing so, the output intermedial shows are disseminated throughout Europe, just like these incredibly resilient cells called “spores” spread life around them.