Project Details


Programme: CREA2027
Action: CREA-CULT-2022-COOP
Project reference number: 101098584
Project title: SPORES
Project acronym: SPORES
Duration: 15.01.2023 – 15.01.2025
Co-ordinator: Associazione Culturale Appercezioni Via Ardeatina132, Rome, IT, Post Code 00179

Phone1: +39 347 1961384;
Phone2: +39 669 363515

SPORES is an artistic project that creates “intermedial experiences” at the crossroads of arts and
technology, offering unprecedented opportunities for artists, audiences, cultural operators, institutions
and technology designers to explore and implement new ways of experiencing live artistic performances
both online and offline. ACTIVITIES The project comprises three steps: 1) Invent an original methodology
for designing intermedial experiences, then train 15 cultural operators and artists to create 4 intermedial
shows 2) Produce these 4 intermedial shows based on the SPORES methodology: – Sensible Archive, by
Eugenio Barba, founder of Odin Teatret – Delirium, by Ikarus Stage Arts, company from Nordisk
Teaterlaboratorium – Intermedial Travel, by Appercezioni – Euforia Carogna, by Antonio Rezza and Flavia
Mastrella These 4 shows will be presented in 11 events in Denmark, Albania and Italy. 3) Share results
and lessons learnt about intermedial experiences through 20 dissemination events hosted by associated
partners comprising universities and cultural institutes (Goethe Institut and Istituto Italiano di Cultura) in
France, Denmark, Italy and Albania. OUTREACH The 3-fold structure of the project is linked to a
progressive outreach of 1) artists, 2) audience 3) stakeholders of the cultural and creative sector.


Associazione culturale APPERCEZIONI (Italy)
Carraro LAB (Italy)
Universiteti Polis (Albania)
Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark)